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Product features and values


5 year manufacturer’s warranty

Thanks to

•our high standard of production
•our strict Quality Control

we can confidently offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.

Zevim__TUV certified

TüV certified

The Zevim Modular Underfloor System is the only successfully tested system to offer fully extendable drawers with a load capacity of 150 Kg.



The Zevim racking system is Crash-tested which guarantee higher safety for the driver and passengers. Watch the crash test movie here.

Zevim__ISO tested

Constant quality

Thanks to the ISO certification of most of our factories we can guarantee that our products meets the same high quality every time again.


Light Weight

A very balanced mix of materials leads to a very strong, durable and very light Racking System.


Flexible, modular and also easily expandable with all kinds of components

The system is easy and quick to adapt to new circumstances.


Simple and quick installation

The Zevim Racking System can be easily and quickly pre-assembled and fitted in any vehicle thanks to a well though- out and engineered design.