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    Zevim BV 


    Zevim was founded in 2001 and is a manufacturer of professional van racking (cabinet) systems and operates internationally. With its various modular systems, Zevim can furnish any brand and type of commercial vehicle generally and bespoke according various wishes and requirements that are set individually.

    For example, Zevim has a lightweighted but HeavyDuty version of vertical racking but also a complete modular (horizontal) bottom drawer system. Also called the double floor in the commercial vehicles.

    The different systems have all been tested by the official authorities and meet the strictest European standards, which also guarantees safety.

    It is not without reason that our philosophy is to produce high-quality systems that are sustainable and at the same time at an acceptable and affordable price level. Based on this philosophy, we continue to develop our systems continuously and also bring new products to the market that contribute to a complete delivery program and are adapted to the (changing) wishes of the various customers.

    It is therefore a logical consequence that our customers are in all kinds of branches such as industry, installation, construction industry, painters, automotive, government, etc. etc. Because we come up with typical solutions for each of the branches. By supplying high-quality products at a fair price and being clear, innovative and operating in an entrepreneurial way, we have already gained the trust of many customers.

    The method:

    As an organization, we attach great importance to good and expert advice and support to our relations / customers. We do this, for example, by participating in open days and shows/fairs and by our or our dealer’s  demo vans. In our free and non-binding advise and support traject we work out all your wishes  in a CAD-drawing program for a good overview of the optimum and bespoke van racking  interior.

    Publishing a clear and well-organized catalog is also part of this. This both in book form but also on our website. In addition, our pricing policy is very transparent by placing our prices (excl. VAT) in our webshop. You can contact our dealers in your region for more information about our products (link to our deales click here), bespoke interiors or more genaral informations. If you can’t find any dealer in your region, then you always contact our head Sales office in the Netherlands by phone: + 31 (0) 316 527864 or email:  for all kind of questions about the various products or informations or redirection to the dealer in your region.

    Distribution / dealers:

    Zevim works through an extensive international dealer network consisting of points of sale and the so-called authorized region dealers appointed by Zevim. These authorized region dealers each have a fully professionally equipped workshop for the installation of the Zevim van racking systems. You can often also contact these dealers for all kinds of other car-specific products such as energy supply (inverters), floor plates, linings, etc. You find our dealer by this link: (